09.05.13 FTHAP FACT SHEET - First Time Home Owner

“Every family deserves a chance to own their own home. There are many obstacles families face when it comes to building and owning their own home–closing costs are among the biggest of them. We want all Guamanians to know we are here to help them make this dream come true. ”
Governor Eddie Baza Calvo
Can’t Afford Closing Costs/Down Payment to Buy or Build a Home?              
If you want to build or buy a home, but you can’t afford the expensive closing costs, we’ve got a solution for you. It’s a solution that 15 more families were awarded today through Governor Calvo’s First Time Homeowners Assistance Program.
What 15 Families Did to Get Help on Their Journey to Homeownership                     
These 15 families started looking for their first homes a few weeks ago. They worked with realtors and found the homes they wanted, or started working with their contractors to begin construction. They qualified for the financing they needed to buy or build. What they needed was the thousands of dollars for closing costs and down payments. So, they applied to Calvo’s FTHAP initiative through Guam Housing Corporation.
Thousands of Dollars in Grants Given                                                                              
Of these 15 families, the lowest grant given was for $4,894.75. The largest grant was for $9,266.96. The application process didn’t take long; and, now, their journey to owning their first homes is nearly complete. This brings the total to 112 grants given since the Governor’s program started. Over a million dollars are waiting in the program to assist hundreds more Guamanians with closing costs and down payments.
The People We Helped Today                                                                                           
The following people and couples were awarded the 15 certificates totaling $107,810.75 in closing cost grants given to them by Governor Calvo at Adelup today:


Fran-Nicole M. Camacho
Nino Manalo
Kimberly R. Solomon
Phyliss L. Leon Guerrero
Alice D. & Rodolfo P. Manalo
Suzette M. Gutierrez
Romina P. Rios
Ann Maria Castro
Julieta R. Tenio
Adonis P. & Liza J. Salanatin
Thomas J. & Ernestine E. Limtiaco
Elvin R. & Maria Theresa L. Dela Pena
Elaine O. & Rico V. Ilawan
Robert C. & Darsy Leones
Franklin J. & Cathy R. Topasna

More Information Attached in Flier                                                                                   
We attached the flier about this program so you have more information in case you’re interested.

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