“The land being provided to the 21 families today allows them to do what our forefathers did; they can build a home or work the soil to grow crops. More importantly, they can pass down what they learned from their manamko to the younger generations of Chamorros who will one day do the same to support their families and help others in the community.”

– Governor Eddie Baza Calvo

More families receive CLTC land to build Guamanian dream

Hundreds of families have been given acres of Chamorro Land Trust property so they can build homes or farm crops to sell or bring to their tables.

In the last five years, Governor Eddie Baza Calvo has signed about 300 Chamorro Land Trust Commission residential and agricultural leases. Today, he signed 21 more during a ceremony at Adelup.

“I’m proud that we’re able to help so many families who only want an opportunity to achieve the Guamanian dream for themselves and their children,” Governor Calvo said.

Home Ownership and the Guamanian Dream

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