03.19.14 DPW Funds
“Too many lives have been lost and many more have been irreversibly affected by reckless drivers irresponsible to follow the law. We want all drivers to be aware of those around them so they can do as much as they can to protect themselves. Most importantly, we want to drive home the message that drunk driving is selfish and it’s against the law. If you drive drunk or violate any safe driving laws, you will be held accountable.” —Governor Eddie Baza Calvo


More funding to help DPW support traffic enforcement and drunk driving laws   
DPW will use $415,000 in federal funds to keep Guam’s roads safe from drunk and careless drivers. These funds will support two important programs that educate about the dangers of driving drunk and not wearing a seatbelt. DPW’s Office of Highway Safety spearheads this effort to ensure all motorists and residents do their part in protecting themselves and their fellow Guamanians.
All Guam motorists are urged to follow driving safety laws and to participate and support ongoing prevention programs like “Don’t Drink and Drive” and “Click It or Ticket.”

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