“We’re taking back our streets and sending a clear message to criminals.  So far, we’ve been able to hire 82 public safety officers and other professionals who keep the peace.  They patrol our streets, answer to emergencies, reform our prisoners, and guide our youth to successful futures.  I thank all the peace officers who have been making due with limited resources, and assure the people of Guam our administration will direct money to our safety.” — Governor Eddie Baza Calvo
Administration Hires Public Safety Officers and Officials
The administration is beefing up police and other safety forces throughout the island. The increase in officers is to combat and prevent crime, reform prisoners, guide troubled youth, and respond quicker to medical emergencies.  This fiscal year alone, the Calvo administration has hired 82 public safety officers and other professionals.
Public safety agencies where officers and other staff are being recruited and trained at this moment are:

  • Guam Police Department
    • GPD hired nine police officer trainees, and additional 10 trainees are undergoing pre-employment screening.  All 19 will be a part of a new police officer cycle.
  • Guam Fire Department
    • GFD hired 27 new fire recruits, who will begin training at the Fire Academy.  Three more recruits are being processed for these positions.  Seven emergency medical dispatchers, one heavy equipment mechanic to keep ambulances and fire trucks in working condition, and one emergency medical dispatcher supervisor were also hired.
  • Guam Customs & Quarantine Agency
    • There are 20 recruits undergoing training at GCC.
  • Department of Youth Affairs
    • DYA hired four new youth services workers
  • Department of Corrections
    • DOC hired one corrections officer.  Seven corrections recruits are pending interviews and selection process.  Two medical professionals (staff nurses) were hired this fiscal year.

More Officers and Officials to be Hired Next Fiscal Year
Next fiscal year, the government is slated to hire at least 38 new public safety officers.  Agencies where there will be openings for new recruits over the next year are:

  • Guam Police Department
    • Next fiscal year, at least 18 police officer trainees will be hired.  Governor Calvo has directed his fiscal policy team to find more funding to hire more police officers.
  • Department of Corrections
    • Next fiscal year, DOC plans on hiring 5 new corrections recruits and two medical professionals (chemical dependency treatment specialist and psychiatric technician).  DOC expects some corrections officers to retire next year.  They will use their salaries to hire up to 13 new corrections officers.


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