06.25.13 BIT Warns About Phising Scam
Emails Sent to Employees:
In an attempt to protect government of Guam employees and their log in information, the Bureau of Information Technology sent an email warning all government employees of a “phishing” scam. An email fraudulently and erroneously signed by Governor Eddie Baza Calvo is circulating attempting to obtain email account log in information. The email did not come from Governor Calvo.
Tips to Keep your Accounts Secure:
BIT offers the following suggestions to protect yourself, your information and your accounts from “phishing” scams:

  • If you happen to have responded to a “phishing” email, log in to your account and change your password immediately.
  • Be sure to keep in contact with your network server support staff, or the Department of Administration’s Data Processing staff, if you notice any changes in your account.
  • Be wary of suspicious emails from people you might not know asking for information that is considered private, like passwords, credit card numbers, and Social Security numbers.
  • Check and validate the sender email address. All GovGuam executive branch agencies and email accounts end with .GOV.

If you are suspect of an email you’ve received, send them to helpdesk@doa.guam.gov, and call 475-1229/1203.

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