Calvo Issues CLTC Leases to Ancestral Landowners

A release from the Governor’s Office w Contact Phillip Leon Guerrero
“For many years, these 29 families have waited patiently for the government to help them. Today they have the land on which they’ll build their homes and raise their families. The men and women at the Land Trust Commission have done a great job helping Chamorros realize their dream of owning their own homes.” — Governor Eddie Baza Calvo
CLTC Issues Leases, 29 families helped
Twenty-nine families now have the foundation to build their dreams.
The Calvo-Tenorio administration continues its commitment to provide affordable homes and help Guam’s most vulnerable families.
Yesterday afternoon, the Governor issued 15 agricultural and 14 residential Chamorro Land Trust leases.
Since 2011, the Department of Land Management has issued about 220 agricultural and residential leases, covering more than 180 acres. The families who have these leases can now use this land to start a farm or build their home.
These plots are leased to residents for $1 for 99 years from the day the lease was signed by the applicant. Currently, the CLTC is working on processing applicants who applied in 1995. These land leases can be used for residential or agriculture purposes.
For more information about leasing land and deeds, please call the Department of Land Management at 649-5263.
More assistance for homeownership available
You can be a homeowner, too! The Guam Housing Corporation is working every day to help residents realize their dream of homeownership. There are several grant programs, like the First Time Homeowners Assistance Program, which gives up to $10,000 per family for closing costs and other housing fees. More than a hundred families have received some assistance through this program to own their first home. You can call GHC for more information at 647-4143.

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