03.21.14 Technology Update 1 03.21.14 Technology Update
“We are living in the most innovative age in our history, so our students should be able to receive the benefit of all the technologies out there.  Ray, Christine, Notch, and I all have a passion to give our children the tools they need to compete against the best in the world — and win.  We know our students are the best–they just need to be given the chance to succeed.  Whether it’s a computer for a student to use after school, or a laptop to type their reports, or an iPad that helps children communicate with the world, these tools will prepare the next generation of Guam to sail into a bright future beyond our imagination. The Calvo Tenorio team knows that by giving our community access to technology, we’re helping them achieve their dreams.” — Governor Eddie Baza Calvo
Governor, Lt. Governor, First Lady give laptops, computers, and iPads              
The Calvo Tenorio administration is helping thousands of students learn with laptops, computers, and assistive technology.  Recently, Governor Calvo, Lt. Governor Tenorio, and First Lady Christine Calvo used their programs to help students throughout the island.  This wrap-around approach granting access to these technologies represent the administration’s commitment to giving our children the tools they need to succeed in the future.
Comps-For-Kids helps Asan-Maina youth & manamko’ access information    
Students and seniors in Asan-Maina have computers to use for homework, research, and word-processing.  This past week, Comps-for-Kids, an initiative from Lt. Governor Tenorio, donated two computers for Mayor Joanna Blas’ new youth, senior, & headstart resource center.
The resource center will be used by students who need a quiet place to do their homework after or before school, or to access the internet for their research projects. It will also be used by manamko’ who want to learn how to use a computer.
GDOE receives laptops                                                                                                     
Teachers at the Guam Department of Education are now using 17 mobile laptop carts in the classroom.  The carts were mobilized to different schools around the island last week.  This, along with the upcoming purchase of up to 3,000 laptops, are part of Governor Calvo and Superintendent Jon Fernandez’ initiative to give a laptop to every 5th, 6th, 9th, and 11th grade student.  Last year, Governor Calvo committed $3 million in Compact-Impact funding to purchase these laptops. The mobile laptop carts were purchased through the American Reinvestment Recovery Act.
These computers were awarded to teachers for use in service learning or school-to-work programs, Science Technology Engineering Mathematics (STEM) classes, computer science and career education, and physics classes.  With more laptops available for teachers and students, DOE can teach students to learn using the technology needed to excel in higher education and the workforce.
The RigÃ¥lu Foundation donates iPads to the SPED program                        
Earlier this month, First Lady Christine Calvo’s RigÃ¥lu Foundation donated three iPads to GDOE’s Special Education Division. These iPads will be used by SpEd to provide assistive technology to students undergoing speech therapy.
This donation will help the division’s speech therapists to provide the latest, innovative programs to help students.
According to the division, students with disabilities in years past used voice output systems with limited capabilities.  Using these iPads provide access to students who can communicate better using touch screens. The iPads provided will greatly enhance the division’s capabilities of accessing and merging technology and education.  Tools used for therapy can be pre-loaded into the device, and customized almost instantly, depending on the student’s individual needs.
“The Department of Education, Division of Special Education is extremely fortunate to have received three iPads from the First Lady’sRigalu Foundation for SPEDtacular!  With this generous donation, the speech therapists are able to utilize technology when delivering therapy to our students with disabilities; which in turn, enhances and strengthens progress towards meeting the individual goals and objectives for our students with disabilities,” Assistant Superintendent for Special Education Yolanda S. Gabriel said.  “Again, the Division greatly appreciates all that has been provided by the First Lady, which is evident of her support to our children with disabilities and their families!”

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