Press Release No. JIC-05
The Current Situation as of 12:30 p.m., Wednesday, April 10, 2013
For Immediate Release
(Hagatna, Guam) Escalating rhetoric from and tensions with North Korea have raised concerns. The U.S. military has assured that any ballistic missile aimed at the U.S., its territories, or allies will be intercepted.
Test Is Imminent
As reported, a missile test from North Korea is imminent. Admiral Samuel Locklear III, Commander of U.S. Pacific Command, said the U.S. will not automatically intercept just any missile launched by North Korea, but will intercept those aimed at or expected to land in the U.S., its territories, or allies.
Governor Convenes Emergency Operations Center
Guam Governor Eddie Baza Calvo has convened the Emergency Operations Center. The EOC will be stood up at 1 p.m. today to ensure the entire government, the military, and private partners are fully prepared, engaged, and working together.
State Department Assures Guamanians We Are Protected
Ambassador Glyn Davies, Special Representative for North Korea Policy for Secretary of State John Kerry, assured the people of Guam through a conference call with Guam Governor Eddie Calvo’s Chief of Staff Franklin P. Arriola and Guam Homeland Security Advisor Pedro Leon Guerrero this morning. He said anti-ballistic missile defense coverage in this region is “robust.”
Joining the conference call also were Adam Hantman, DPRK Desk Officer at the Department of State; and Steve Diminuco, Deputy Director for Global Intergovernmental Affairs at the State Department.
The Joint Information Center – through government websites, email and social media, along with media partners (listed below) — will inform residents if there is any change to this status.
Guamanians should review and become familiar with the fact sheets the Joint Information Center has been producing and sending out via the media. A listing of media partners where you can get this information is below. The fact sheets also are attached:

  1. FACT SHEET 1: Be Informed provides residents and visitors information on the JIC and how to stay informed of what’s going on.
  2. FACT SHEET 2: Make a Plan. Build a Kit. Shelter in Place provides information on what you should do to prepare yourself for a range of emergencies, including the North Korea threat.

Be Prepared
There is a need for everyone to be vigilant and prepared for emergencies. The government is working with the military to keep Guam informed and prepared. The mayors and vice mayors are engaged, and the legislature has been invited to daily briefings. Guamanians should carry out their lives as usual while preparing themselves.
Testing of Emergency Alert System Starting Tomorrow
We are testing the emergency management system in our ongoing efforts to remain prepared. One component of that system is the Emergency Alert System. Residents should know the government will be testing the Emergency Alert System starting Thursday (April 11). Residents watching TV or listening to the radio starting Thursday may encounter an interruption in the show you’re watching or listening to. The interruption will be brief; a recorded message that begins, “This is a test of the Guam Emergency Alert System…” will air for a few seconds. Do not be alarmed by this test.
The Joint Information Center
For more information, you can call the Joint Information Center at 475-9600 between 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday to Friday. You can email your questions to, or get more information on Residents should tune in and stay tuned to the radio and other media partners. The Joint Information Center will continue to release information.
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Fact Sheet 2:
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