March 20, 2012
Students who live in the Gil Baza Subdivision will no longer need to walk more than a mile to get to their bus stops once construction on Chalan Ramirez is completed.  Residents in the Yigo subdivision have been forced to contend with unpaved roads school buses were not able to traverse.
“I walked this very same road during Halloween two years ago with young students in their Halloween costumes.   It was raining, it was muddy and these young kids were getting sick,” Governor Calvo said.  “It was simply unacceptable and I wanted this road, and other roads like this, to make it to the priority lists.  Every neighborhood where hardworking people raise their families deserves our attention.  I’m glad this project is finally moving forward.
Chalan Ramirez is one of the first construction projects in more than 10 years that DPW will undertake almost entirely on its own using labor and resources from within the department.  The only portion of the project that is being contracted out is the laying of asphalt.
The Department of Public Works today broke ground on the $800,000 road project made possible through PL 30-217 introduced by, then Senator Telo Taitague.  The funding was appropriated through unused bond proceeds for the paving and repair of village streets.
Photos from this morning’s groundbreaking ceremony on Chalan Ramirez are attached for your use.

Contact Natalie Quinata at 475-9309 or 488-6013 for more information.

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