In response to Sen. Dennis Rodriguez’s press release sent out earlier this evening, Dr. Vince Duenas sent the below response. Dr. Duenas, GMH Medical Director, is one of the doctors, nurses and GMH staff who have been meeting with island residents at village and organization meetings for the last half a year to discuss the challenges at the hospital. Dr. Duenas’ statement follows:

“We are all very surprised by Senator Rodriguez recent statement and change of heart. As Healthcare Chairman, he is very familiar with the issues facing GMH. The bill introduced, at the request of the Governor, was drafted by his office and is the exact same piece of legislation that he circulated and secured 6 cosponsors on.

We remain hopeful that the good senator will follow through on his commitment and not abandon GMH and its employees during their greatest time of need. As difficult as this may be, it’s incumbent upon leaders to give the doctors and nurses at GMH the support they need. Both lives and accreditation are at stake.

We encourage him to keep an open mind and remain courageous until public feedback can finally heard at a public hearing.”

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