(Hagatna, Guam) The second of three Imagine Guam conventions to build the strategic vision of Guam over the next 50 years will happen this Friday. At the top of the agenda: finalizing a draft of a very exciting vision of Guam in the year 2065.
Guam: 2065 (draft 1) Anyone who’s curious or wants to take part in shaping our future should take a look at it. Here are the 5 ‘W’s on it:
Guam: 2065 is a vision of our society and the environment we live in 50 years from now. It was drafted on January 29, 2016 and is open for input and edit.
Well, you, if you’re interested. Hundreds of residents from all walks of life — including students — authored this draft. They included hundreds who participated in real time, livestream via the Imagine Guam website,imagine.guam.gov. You can go there right now, read Guam: 2065, and give your opinion on it.
Right now. Go to the website any time to give your opinion on the future of Guam.
Because it’s your opinion that matters. One of the main tenets of the Imagine Guam program is that this 50-year vision isn’t created by the government or the elite of society. It’s created by the community. That brings up the other main tenet of the initiative: public input is crucial to the design of this vision. Half of the reason for the second convention is to consider all the public input and come up with a better, final draft.
This Friday: Imagining Convention 2
Here’s the pertinent information on this Friday’s Imagining Convention 2:
Who will be there?
Any resident is invited. Go to the Imagine Guam website and either watch or participate in real time by livestream. You’ll join people from all walks of life in your choice of 17 teams that make up the disciplines of our society.
What will happen?
– You will help to finalize the vision of Guam in the year 2065.
– Then, you’ll help to create benchmarks to this vision, or 10-year-interval bridges to Guam 2065 — Guam 2025, Guam 2035, Guam 2045, and Guam 2055
How can I watch or participate?
On Friday, starting at 8 a.m., go to the Imagine Guam website, imagine.guam.gov, click on the first pull-down menu, choose ’17 Imagination Teams’ and click on any of the livestream options.

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