January 17, 2012
Governor Eddie Baza Calvo is following through with his mission to improve healthcare for the people of Guam with the expansion of the Guam Memorial Hospital’s Emergency Department, Intensive Care and Critical Care Units.
The bond for the expansion project was floated when Governor Calvo was a senator and Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee. The design-build Capital Improvement Project is valued at approximately $7.56 M.
The project is set to triple the size of GMH’s Emergency Department and Critical & Intensive Care Units.  This expansion of these facilities will ensure smoother and more effective patient flow and care. The ED will be expanded to 15, 000 sq.ft. and the CCU-ICU will be expanded to 7,870 sq.ft., increasing CCU-ICU bed capacity to 15.
“One of the things I want to change most is the way government serves the people. This expansion will help our doctors and nurses better care for the sick,” Governor Calvo said.  “This project is just the first of many initiatives we want to implement to help GMH better serve the community.”
GMH Board of Trustees Chairman Lee Weber said, “On behalf of the board I want to thank the Governor for the work that you did as a Senator to get us to this point. Thank you to Senator Rodriguez for giving his support to the hospital as we move forward. And to the staff, the staff does an amazing job given the circumstances they have to deal with. Thank you to everyone for everything that you’ve done.”
Governor Calvo thanks all those involved in the implementation of this project especially GMHA’s staff, management and Board of Trustees, Legislative Health Committee Chairman Senator Dennis Rodriguez; dck Pacific Guam, LLC; and Taniguchi Ruth Makio Architects.

The Guam Memorial Hospital Authority provides the following information about the upcoming Emergency Department, ICU and CCU expansion projects :

  • ED, CCU and ICU facilities to be expanded by nearly 15,000 square feet

  • Emergency Department will be expanded from its existing 5,400 square feet (sq. ft.) to approximately 15,000 sq. ft.
  • CCU-ICU shall expand from its existing 2,539 sq. ft. to approximately 7,870 sq. ft. 

Both Units will increase by approximately 3 times their existing space.

  • GMHA served over 400 CCU-ICU patients in FY2011 with many of its CCU-ICU patients overflowing into its Telemetry Unit. Therefore, the CCU-ICU shall be expanded from a 10-bed Unit to a 15-bed Unit (to include 2 Isolation Rooms), with most rooms increasing in size to approx. 200 sq. ft., as opposed to the existing rooms at 120 sq. ft. The CCU-ICU shall also have the space required to support the following critical functions: Clean and Soiled Utility Rooms; Multipurpose Conference Room; Family Waiting Room; Nourishment and Medication Rooms; Medical Director and Charge Nurse Rooms; MD/RN Lounge; and Medical Supplies and Equipment Storage Rooms.
  • The Emergency Department, which processes approximately 30,000 outpatient visits per year, will have two (2) state-of-the-art Trauma Rooms; two (2) Multipurpose Isolation & Decontamination Rooms; twelve (12) state-of-the-art monitored examination stations; two (2) non-monitored examination stations; one (1) Multipurpose Exam Room; one (1) Multipurpose Suture/Cast Room; one (1) Satellite Laboratory Room; a large, external Permanent Decontamination System; and upgraded Waiting, Triage, Registration, Utility, Storage, Office and Lounge Rooms and Areas.

Upon issuance of the Notice to Proceed (NTP), the Contractor shall have a total of 728 Calendar Days or approximately 2 years in order to complete the Project. Therefore, GMHA anticipates completing the Project in January 2014. Upon completion, GMHA looks forward to much improved capabilities to provide safe, quality patient care; smoother and more effective patient flow; enhanced patient privacy and confidentiality; and more accommodating family waiting areas. This Project is a direct reflection of the Governor’s and GMHA’s dedication and commitment to its mission “to provide quality patient care in a safe environment.”
For more information contact William Kando, MSM,, (671) 647-2316/2221
Cutline for photograph follows:
Governor Eddie Baza Calvo thanked all those involved in the implementation of the Guam Memorial Hospital Expansion Project. The bond for the Expansion project was floated when Governor Calvo was a senator and Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee. The design-build Capital Improvement Project is valued at approximately $7.56 M. (Left to Right: Governor Eddie Baza Calvo, Senator Dennis Rodriguez)
For more information call Natalie Quinata at 475-9213 or 488-6013


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