“I want to thank the GMHA Board of Trustees, administration, and staff who continue to work hard to ensure we have a hospital that provides healthcare for our island and our region. There are some significant challenges we’ve had in the last few years and despite increasing subsidies from the General Fund our hospital is in a critical state and changes need to be made to revitalize our only public hospital.”

– Governor Eddie Baza Calvo

Administration Management Advisory Team created
The Governor is stepping in to help the Guam Memorial Hospital Authority improve its operations. Governor Calvo today signed Executive Order 2015-13 that also creates a team of health, finance, and technology professionals from the Government of Guam.
“This team of experts will work with the GMHA administration and essentially conduct an operational audit to see what areas of the hospital need additional support. Following that, they’ll determine how that support will be provided,” Governor Calvo stated.
“This is one of the first things I’m doing to revitalize our hospital, and ensure the hard working staff has the support, as well as the leadership they need to improve services.”
E.O. 2015-13: GMHA

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