05.02.13 Farmer's Market Facility

“For many years, we’ve been paying stateside farmers for our produce. It’s time we reverse this trend, and increase the amount of food we buy from Guam’s farmers. This legislation lays the foundation for a sustainable future for Guam. ”- Governor Eddie Baza Calvo
Law Authorizes Development of Farmer’s Market
The long dreamed-about Farmer’s Market Facility proposed in Dededo now is a step closer to reality. The Governor today signed legislation conveying the property the Farmer’s Cooperative Association needs to build the facility. The new law authorizes the association to enter in a leasehold mortgage to develop the property.
 PURPOSE: Centralized Location to Help Farmers Sell Produce                
The Farmer’s Market Facility will finally provide Guam’s farmers a central distribution point, in the heart of Dededo, for them to harvest, produce, and distribute their produce.
“As a farmer for the past 50 years, I know the challenges of farming–having to visit 100 different places just to sell your produce, it’s hard,” said Tita Taitague, the director of the Department of Agriculture. Taitague was previously a commercial farmer.
Collaborative Effort makes the Farmer’s Market Facility a Reality         
Governor Calvo acknowledged the hard work of the law’s author, Senator Ben Pangelinan, and their collaborative efforts to provide the farmers and the community a permanent facility to access Guam’s local produce. “This is a move to help Guam’s farmers meet the demands for local produce of grocery stores, restaurants, and families,” said Governor Calvo.
Bill McDonald, the president of the Farmer’s Co-op, thanked all those who have made this facility a reality. Full of emotion, he reminded those present “It is going to take an island to make this work for our farmers. This is a new beginning, but our work has just begun.”

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