“Reasonable people would expect that a fire station would have a structural fire truck. When we came into office, we found out that in 1998, Governors stopped making this a normal and routine priority. This is a simple expectation for leaders to understand to respond to big fires on time. Many fire stations should have a structural fire truck. We’re meeting that expectation by equipping the fire stations. That problem should never happen again otherwise, the Governor would have failed his or her people.”          — Governor Eddie Baza Calvo

 $1.1 million in Compact Impact grants purchase five fire trucks
For the first time since 1998, every fire station will have a structural fire truck. This will be the first time in 36 years the Agat fire station will have a fire truck. Two of the new fire trucks arrived. Two more will be here in October and one truck arrives in April.
In addition to the new trucks, the supplier will provide operations and pump familiarization training to 60 GFD personnel.
We’re going to keep increasing until we know the fire stations are appropriately equipped.

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