Hafa Adai!
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Gov. Calvo asks Senators to remember foster children
By: Eddie Baza Calvo
Hafa Adai my fellow Guamanians,
At the beginning of the year, we talked about building a house, temporary shelter, for foster children. Sens. Tina Muna Barnes, Dennis Rodriguez and Aline Yamashita graciously introduced Bill No. 332, which would provide the property needed to build the foster care home.
The bill sat untouched. For months there was no movement … and so in May, I made a plea for the Legislature to move on the bill.
In June there finally was a public hearing for the bill. People spoke in support of the bill. The public support was a comfort to us. We were sure the Democratic majority at the Legislature heard what we heard – the voice of the people saying building Rigalu House would be a blessing to children who, at no fault of their own, had to be taken from their home where their lives were possibly endangered.
These are innocent children whose lives were touched by some of the more sinister aspects of our world. Drugs. Abuse. Neglect. There was an evil in their lives that required they be removed.
Some of them would be lucky. We have 29 foster families who’ve opened their hearts and their homes to these children.
In June there were 158 foster children. That’s more than the 29 families can accommodate. That’s what the Rigalu House will provide for children who can’t be taken into one of the 29 foster homes.
Children will have a safe place to stay and will be surrounded by others who, like them, are innocent victims of the choices their parents or guardians made. As soon as Bill 332 is passed, construction can begin to build the house. First Lady Christine Calvo has made sure that everything is ready to go. She’s only waiting on senators to do the right thing and pass this bill, so I can sign it into law.
And still, four months after the public hearing, Bill 332 continues to sit in committee.
There’s a saying: “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”
Christine and I are praying that the good men and women at the Legislature stand up and take action so that we can help these young children and give them the support they so desperately need. ​

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