“As a father of six children born at Guam Memorial Hospital, I am very familiar with the Labor & Delivery Ward. Seeing how it hasn’t been renovated for more than 20 years, it was important to me to see that Guam Memorial Hospital be updated to the 21stcentury. I remember how it was done where the mothers are moved several times during the stages of labor and delivery. In comparison, this new concept makes women in labor the focus. The services will come to her to ensure there is a healthy and safe birthing process.”
                                         — Governor Eddie Baza Calvo
Bill 393 now Public Law 204

Guam Memorial Hospital will have a modern maternity ward in the near future.
Gov. Eddie Calvo signed Bill 393 into law this morning at a ceremony at Adelup. The law authorizes the governor to finance the renovation. He thanked Speaker Judith Won Pat and Sens. Aline Yamashita and Tina Muna Barnes for drafting the bill and helping it move forward.
“I also want to thank Dr. Thomas Shieh for his tireless effort to push this bill along,” Gov. Calvo stated. “It’s this type of passion and dedication to the health and safety of our community that will help move this island forward.” 
Dr. Shieh said it was an honor and privilege to work with the governor and the Legislature.
“I’m happy our governor is signing this bill into law today. It means a brighter future for our moms and a very bright future for future generations of babies to come. We’re moving in the right direction.” Shieh said.
“I also want to thank Mr. Verga who has been very supportive of the improvements of the hospital. He’s been one of the best administrators over the last 20 years since I’ve been on Guam.”
Community voices being heard
Sen. Yamashita talked about the importance of listening to the community members, and to working as a team to find solutions for our island.
“This is an example of the power of the community,” said Sen. Yamashita. “The importance of community members saying ‘Hey, can you see what we’re going through?’”
Yamashita said she and seven other senators toured GMH and what resulted was a bi-partisan bill that would provide badly needed upgrades.
“We gave birth to our sons and daughters there and it hasn’t changed. The toilets are the same, the cramped space is the same… It was a lot of talking and looking for solutions,” she said. “Gov. Calvo was fully on board and said this will be done. It was the power of the community saying this is a priority, and the Legislature working together with the governor to find a solution.”
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