“I’m glad it’s done and I’m happy with the results. Traffic was terrible for two years in and out of Hagatna. Now things are smooth. Most importantly, now we can count on that bridge and the stability of those intersections. And this project shows us that the military will invest in outside-the-gate improvements as the military buildup moves forward.” — Governor Eddie Baza Calvo
July 9, 2014
Drivers now have a smooth ride as they approach Chief Quipuha Park in the capital, whether you’re coming from the south or north on Marine Corps Drive, or from Routes 8 or 4.
Governor Calvo and Admiral Tilghman Payne, joined by several dignitaries and partners, cut the ribbon today on the completed reconstruction of the Agana Bridge and the intersections of Marine Corps Drive with Routes 8 and 4. The $16.4 million project was completed in two years. At stake was whether the Agana Bridge could support heavy vehicles since the bridge had never been rehabilitated since it was built after World War II. The stretch of road through the two major intersections also needed to be redone to accommodate more traffic from natural growth and from the increase in military and tourism activity.
The road features many improvements, including wider lanes, lane markers, sidewalks, and the restoration of two left-turning lanes from Route 8 onto Route 1. There’s also a new right-turn lane from Route 1 onto Route 8. This is not to mention the new bridge, which now is strong enough to carry increasing traffic load for the foreseeable future.
The completion of this project is significant for two other reasons. First, it was a large, collaborative effort among the government of Guam, the private contractor, the Federal Highways Administration, and the Department of Defense. Second, it’s further commitment from DOD that it will invest in outside-the-gate improvements to our community as the military buildup moves forward. This stretch of road is among several considered Defense Access Roads, and among the first projects of the military buildup.
Please call Phillip Leon Guerrero at 929-7467 for more information.

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