“In the last few weeks, we have found ways to improve revenue and cut costs. That work will continue with the new CEO, PeterJohn Camacho. I believe that he, working with board members and the advisory team will get us closer to stabilizing the hospital’s leadership to help get us further ahead.”

 –Governor Eddie Baza Calvo

The Governor is tapping former hospital administrator PeterJohn Camacho to lead the Guam Memorial Hospital. The Governor made the announcement when he met with hospital management and support staff today.
There were several items discussed during in the Hospital Management Advisory Team meeting, including:

  • Follow-up on initiatives designed to contain costs, stop wasteful spending, and improve the hospital’s overall cash situation.

“Yesterday, I did a walk through of the hospital’s emergency care section. I commend the staff for their professionalism, attention to detail, and overall commitment to serving our people,” said Governor Calvo.

  • Stabilizing the hospital’s leadership.

“Today, I’m pleased to share that PeterJohn Camacho will serve as the Guam Memorial Hospital’s new Chief Executive Officer.  He brings leadership experience from both the private and public sectors,” the Governor stated.
Mr. Camacho’s first day at GMH is Monday.
Mr. Camacho served at GMH several years ago but was caught between the administration who wanted more answers and accountability from the financial and administration deputies and the board of Trustees, who refused to hold them accountable. If you recall, the Governor did a near clean-sweep of management and the leaders of the board at that time after evidence surfaced that the board was complicit in the alleged cover-up of malpractice at GMH.

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