Governor Calvo has directed Guam Police Department Chief J.I. Cruz to ensure traffic intersections are monitored today and tomorrow as Guam Power Authority works on the power situation.
“We haven’t yet received detailed information on the cause of these blackouts but I am calling on all agencies to do what they can to help,” Governor Calvo stated, adding: “I am also reaching out to CCU and GPA to get a full assessment of the problem and to mitigate where we can.”
Lt. Governor Tenorio is working with Chief Cruz, Homeland Security/Civil Defense, and Guam Fire Department.
Chief Cruz is asking the community to drive with caution.
“Please drive sensibly and with patience for the safety of everyone on the roads,” he stated. “We’ll have officers at intersections without a working traffic light through rush-hour traffic. However, if you don’t see an officer please treat that intersection as a four-way stop.”

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