Governor Calvo is meeting with potential investors in Taiwan and Hong Kong this week. This round of trade missions brings him to meetings that could help tourism and bring more companies wanting to invest in Guam’s emerging renewable energy industry.
Similar trade missions brought new airlines, including T’way, to Guam. We’ve also seen a number of charter flights to Guam, helping to boost the steady growth of the island’s visitor industry. The Governor is scheduled to meet with representatives from a couple of airlines this week.
The governor today met with leaders of the TECO Group: Theodore M. H. Huang, chairman of the TECO Group; and George Lien Board of Directors CEO and vice president of the ECO Division. Huang is also honorary chairman of the Chinese National Association of Industry and Commerce.
TECO started out as an industrial motor manufacturer in 1956 but has diversified over the years to include manufacturing home appliances, telecommunications equipment, IT systems, electromechanical components, and commercial electronics. It also has branched into new industries, including medical information system, e-commerce, semiconductor, optronics, network, software, infrastructure, and financial investment.
The Governor also met with T.C. Gou, chairman of Shinfox Co. Ltd., a company based out of New Taipei City that provides power management service to the electricity industry.

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