Governor Calvo signed five bills into law this morning at Adelup.
Five Bills Signed into Law
Social Host Act: Bill 13-32 now P.L. 32-001 holds adults 21-and-over hosting social functions responsible for minors’ actions who consume alcohol. The law says adults who knowingly allow underage persons to consume alcohol on their premises may be held criminally and civilly responsible.
Government vehicles: Bill 14-32 now P.L. 32-002 establishes minimum average-combined city and highway miles required for vehicles purchased or leased by the government. It also says that preventative maintenance services must be included during the procurement process.
License plates: Bill 24-32 now P.L. 32-003 establishes the process and issuance of gold star license plates to the kin of fallen soldiers.
Use Tax: Bill 33-32 now P.L. 32-004 requires proof of Use Tax payment as a condition of registration with vehicles acquired off-island.
Fire Code: Bill 40-32 now P.L. 32-005 reclassifies Fire Code violations from misdemeanors to civil violations, with graduating monetary penalties for each recurring offense.
Bill 9-32 Vetoed by the Governor
Redundant QC Board: Bill 9-32 sought to create another review board for Qualifying Certificate applications. This review board was to be created over the existing review process that is done through Guam Economic Development Authority.

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