Hafa Adai!
Please read the following statement from Governor Eddie Baza Calvo on the further support of HR4402:
“I thank the Republican members of the Guam Legislature, who have joined the chorus of support from your leaders in supporting a responsible military buildup.”
“Looking at all the options on the table, the firing range at Northwest Field is the only alternative that does not require the military to take more land from families and the local government.  I spoke with several families who have an ancestral claim to the land in Ritidian.  They are relieved to hear access on Route 3A will not be affected, and that a vast majority of ancestral land will not be touched by the proposed Surface Danger Zone.”
“This buildup is good for America.  With your leaders united and seated at the table, it will be good for Guam, too.  The Four Pillars in the Programmatic Agreement are proof of this.  One of these promises from the military is to have less land at the end of the buildup than they had when it began.  Your administration will use this pillar to help our families who have waited decades for their ancestral land to be returned.”
“Every elected official of Guam has pledged their support to the military buildup, except for some of the remaining Democrats in the Legislature.  I await their resolution of support.”

Si Yu’us Ma’ase and have a great week!
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