Hafa Adai!
Governor Calvo joined the Guam Young Professionals during lunch today and encouraged them, and all Guamanians, to desire, dream and keep reaching for their goals!
You can read more about the speech here:
Calvo Speaks to Young Professionals

Have confidence, dream, desire, and inspire others
Gov. Calvo spent his lunch today with the Guam Young Professionals at their quarterly meeting. They asked him to be their guest speaker. He used the occasion to ask Guam’s young adults throughout the island to believe in themselves, to offer their creativity to the greater good of Guam, and to inspire Guamanians younger than them. He punctuated his remarks by bringing up the stories of five Guamanians: Ryan Dadufalza, Lt. Col. Mike Tougher, Joey Cruz, Jon Tuck, and Eduardo Camacho.
Have confidence. Don’t listen to those who want you to depend on them.
There was a dark time when leaders spread the message that your success depends on political favors or government intervention. Governor Calvo believes that – even considering our dark past of major recession, immense unemployment, drug-related murders, corruption – the underlying sin is when our confidence is substituted by political dependency. He asks Guam’s young adults to have confidence in their abilities. He used the success stories of young Guamanians to express how their belief in their abilities and their hard work is all it took to succeed.
“We have to be calm and self assured. When I meet the credit rating agencies in San Francisco, I want to give that same look as Jon Tuck or Ryan Dadufalza: calm, not arrogant, but confident because of where we come from.”
Desire & dream.
“Every Guamanian I’ve met has unique talent. Every Guamanian has a dream. The advantage that young people have is your burning desire. Put it together. Don’t ever be afraid to take a risk. No matter where you go: If you have a business on the beach, or if you’re in a board room in New York, or you’re facing the Obama administration, don’t ever feel inferior. Dream and desire, because you have just as much right to achieve as anyone in the world.”
Inspire others: graduate, go to school
The Governor is asking Guam’s young adults to be mentors to middle and high school students. “Get the point across loud and clear that they need to graduate from high school. And then it’s important that they go to GCC or UOG. If someone told you before that it’s not important to get a diploma, they’re wrong. We need our young Guamanians to succeed, and that will not happen in this era without a diploma.”
The funny icebreaker before the speech: “I was once a young professional in the private sector. When I’m done serving as the governor, I will be an old professional in the private sector. Hopefully that’s in four-and-a-half years, and not in six months.”
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