“A degree or certificate from UOG or GCC will lead to a job where you make money doing what you love. It’s not hard to enroll. It’s not difficult to get grants or loans to pay for school. And it doesn’t take a lot of time in school before a good job comes your way. We want to show more residents that making their Guamanian Dream come true is within reach.” — Governor Eddie Baza Calvo
Mayors to Distribute Info. Encouraging Guamanians to Enroll at GCC & UOG
The flier we attached will be distributed through the mayor’s offices today. It’s for Guamanians who want to get a high school diploma and either a college certification or degree that will lead to a good job. The flier shows residents the simple and affordable process of enrolling at GCC and UOG, linking their programs to many in-demand careers.
“On behalf of the Mayors’ Council of Guam, I encourage everyone interested in pursuing higher education opportunities to visit their mayor’s office for more information. The programs from GCC and UOG are great for our island,” said Executive Director of the Mayors’ Council of Guam Angel Sablan.
Why are the Governor & Mayors Pushing This?
There are several reasons the Governor and the mayors are making this push to get young adults to go to school. The main message they are sending is that a great-paying job is really within reach. In some cases, great careers can begin within just months of starting school at GCC. Here are other issues the flier addresses:

  1. Can’t find a good-paying job? Getting certified in a trade at GCC, or earning a college degree will lead to a stable job. Employers are looking for skilled and qualified workers.
  2. Can’t afford college? Yes you can. There’s a simple financial aid process that leads to grants and loans to pay for school.
  3. Intimidated by the process? Enrolling and registering for college is easy. There are people at GCC and UOG whose job it is to help you through this process.

Start of Information Campaign
This is the start of a campaign from the Governor’s Office to provide more information to young adults, single parents, struggling families, and working moms and dads. This information will let Guamanians know about programs and services that enable them to go back to school, get great jobs, afford a home, provide for families, and so much more.

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