Governor Eddie Baza Calvo has tapped on a veteran environmental agency employee to lead the Guam Environmental Protection Agency.
“Walter has a lot of knowledge and experience with Guam EPA, having worked his way up over the years and worked on various projects, from hazardous response to fish monitoring programs,” Governor Calvo stated. “I am confident that he is up to the task of this important leadership position.”
Walter Leon Guerrero started his government career with the University of Guam MARC as an archaeologist technician and the Department of Commerce Fishery Hatchery. He joined Guam EPA in 1991, working with the Air & Land Division.
“As a young man growing up, I was always interested in ways to preserve our environment, which is irrevocably tied to our land and seas,” Leon Guerrero stated.
Leon Guerrero’s passion for the island and her people is demonstrated through his participation in groups like the Young Men’s league of Guam, Guam Foosball Association and Guam Nature Allegiance.
“I have been interested in the environment and protecting the land and sea since I was a young man growing up in Tamuning,” Leon Guerrero said.
“There are many pressing environmental issues that continue to face our island. I am honored to have this opportunity. Guam EPA is a critical agency and I am looking forward to continuing and expanding the work we do with local and federal partners. As a part of the Guam EPA family for 25 years I hope to utilize my experience to make the GEPA Family/Team a trusted and reliable community member.”

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