ADELUP – In a letter to Speaker Won Pat this week, the Governor reiterated the administration’s support of the maternity ward project, noting that GEDA was directed to move forward with this project.
GEDA does face a dilemma with the GMHA project. The Legislature only authorized $7 million. The architectural and engineering report estimates the construction itself to cost nearly $9 million. And more than $2 million more will be needed for furnishing and equipment. The total cost, according to estimates made around September 2015, was $11 million.
Also, any additional cost related to construction, including the 1 percent for the arts, isn’t covered by the Legislature’s appropriation.
GEDA and the hospital will need help from the Legislature to make sure this project is done, and even more, done right. The Governor notes in his letter that he looks forward to the Speaker’s office engaging with GEDA on solutions to the authorization shortfall to ensure a proper renovation project for the ward as originally intended.

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