05.13.13 Governor Signs 10 Bills Governor Signs 10 bills.2

Governor Calvo signed 10 bills into law last Friday.
10 Bills Signed Into Public Law                                                                                
Bill 16-32 now P.L. 32-025 rezones land in Tiyan, Barrigada from an Agricultural zone to the Light Industrial Zone.
Bill 53-32 now P.L. 32-026 changes Guam Community College’s current autonomous procurement process and brings them back under the Government of Guam procurement statutes, rules and regulations. This legislation came at the request of GCC, who want to be held to the same procurement laws they teach their students.
Bill 56-32 now P.L. 32-027 changes the category of traffic misdemeanors to violations, no longer requiring representation from the Attorney General’s Office in traffic court.
Bill 57-32 now P.L. 32-028 updates current fines on encroachment violations that obstruct roadways from $10 to $50. It holds individuals who violate the law responsible for costs incurred by DPW during the removal process.
Bill 58-32 now P.L. 32-029 prohibits government agencies from publishing information of students under the age of 18, without prior consent from their parents or legal guardians. It also restricts student participation in certain surveys, analysis, assessments or evaluations administered by government agencies or schools without the authorization of their parents.
Bill 62-32 now P.L. 32-030 creates the Guam Council on Child Death Review and Prevention. The council will review suspicious deaths of children looking for common denominators (i.e. health hazards, physical abuse). Through their records and investigation they can be proactive in addressing potentially hazardous situations.
Bill 65-32 now P.L. 32-031 requires agencies to create educational programs for their oversight board members. Programs will educate board members in their agency’s operations and procedures. Failure to complete these programs will result in removal from the board.
Bill 67-32 now P.L. 32-032 identifies the new boundaries of the Guam Football association soccer field in Dededo.
Bill 72-32 now P.L. 32-033 grants the administrators of estates of the deceased control to e-mail, social networks and digital media accounts that belong to the deceased.
Bill 76-32 now P.L. 32-034 authorizes the Attorney General’s Office to disperse the funds of the Criminal Injuries Compensation Fund pending filling of the board’s vacancies.

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