(Hagatna, Guam) Governor Calvo reviewed Sen. Rory Respicio’s resolution in support of the removal of criminals from Guam.
“I agree with him,” Governor Calvo said. “And I assure him and the other senators that we are abiding by the law, and following a fair and judicious process.”
The Governor invoked his authority under the Organic Act to begin removing convicted felons from Guam and return them to their homelands. Two weeks ago, he commuted the sentence of FSM citizen Ninton Hauk, who was under the custody of the Guam Department of Corrections for badly injuring another person on island. The commutation was based on Hauk’s agreement to return to Chuuk and to never step foot on Guam again.
“His chances at rehabilitation were nil, and he wanted to go back to Chuuk,” Governor Calvo said. “So, we got him out of here, rather than waiting for him to be released with the high likelihood he would hurt another person on Guam.”
The Governor will continue removing convicted inmates based upon analysis and recommendation made by appointed staff.
“It will mean a lot to have support from the Legislature on this,” Governor Calvo said. “I appreciate what Sen. Respicio is doing.”

– end of release –

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