(Hagatna, Guam) Hospital employees and the Governor continue to hold out hope that senators will include $140 million in GMH improvement projects in a bill that may pass tonight. Over 700 hospital employees to date have signed a petition asking the Legislature to fund these projects.
“Thank you, senators, for agreeing that we must fund GMH. Special thanks to Sens. Respicio, Rodriguez, and Morrison for their leadership that has brought us this far,” Governor Calvo said as he monitors tonight’s session from Cleveland. “But it’s crucial that this financing package includes the capital improvement and modernization projects. We have to build up GMH. We need to have the outpatient services so that we’re not back here in just two years.
Most of the senators have been gracious, allowing much discussion and debate on the possibility of the CIP and modernization projects.
“You’ve heard the answers. You’ve seen the numbers that show we can afford this and that it’s fiscally responsible. The final and most important thing we should weigh is whether this is the right thing to do. We’re talking about a major improvement in cancer care, heart care, disease diagnosis, and available medicine. No reasonable person can doubt this is the right thing to do.
I urge senators to include this in the financing package tonight.”

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