NOTE: The following is a joint release from Governor Eddie Baza Calvo and Joint Region Marianas
“This partnership makes sense all around.  Putting the government of Guam on the military’s radio network will make sure every first responder — no matter which government they work for — will be able to communicate with each other to save lives.  We will also be able to focus our limited resources into upgrading our radio towers, so our public safety officers are ready to respond to any emergency situation. I’m thankful to Rear Admiral Payne and all of Joint Region Marianas for agreeing to this initiative.” —Governor Eddie Baza Calvo
“This initiative is a reflection of the positive working relationship between the military and the government of Guam.  By integrating the government of Guam into our existing infrastructure, we have developed a mutually beneficial solution, which enhances and further streamlines communication between our first responders during times of emergencies.” — Rear Admiral Tilghman Payne
Government of Guam and Joint Region Marianas agree to unified radio system
Communication is key to saving lives during a natural or man-made disaster.  A new initiative between the government of Guam and Joint Region Marianas will put both entities on the same land mobile radio network — allowing for quick and consistent communication during an emergency. By enhancing and unifying the system, the military and GovGuam show a clear commitment to the safety of all Guamanians.  This will also help in everyday situations our public safety officers deal with, like catching criminals and taking Guamanians in ambulances to a hospital.
Memorandum of Agreement signed this morning
This morning, Governor Eddie Baza Calvo and Rear Admiral Tilghman Payne signed a memorandum of agreement (MOA), allowing GovGuam to use the military’s Enterprise Land Mobile Radio (ELMR) services.  This will become the “brains” of the island-wide radio network.
This MOA is the result of a year’s worth of planning and review from both government workers and military officials.  This system will replace the current GovGuam system, which is outdated and has outlived the equipment’s usefulness.  That system is about 23 years old, and should have been replaced 10 years ago.
Military’s radio reach improved as a result of agreement
The military will also benefit directly as a result of this MOA.  According to the terms signed by Governor Calvo and Rear Admiral Payne, Joint Region Marianas will use two of GovGuam’s radio antenna sites in southern Guam to expand their reach of radio communications.  These antenna sites are in Malojloj and Yona.
$2.5 million dedicated for repairs
The administration dedicated $2.5 million to repair radio towers throughout the island, and upgrade the system in a phased approach.
This agreement will remain in effect for two years, and may be extended. During this time, GovGuam will complete repairs to its own radio network and bring it back online.  The MOA will ensure no interruption of radio communications while repairs and upgrades are being done.  Once all work on the local ELRM is complete, the government’s and the military’s radio networks will still be able to intercommunicate.

End of Release

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