Guam Submits Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act Combined State Plan for PY 2016-2019
HagÃ¥tña, Guam – The Guam Workforce Development Board (GWDB) is pleased to announce that it has submitted to the U.S. Department of Labor Guam’s Combined State Plan for Program Year 2016-2019.  The Board reports to the Governor of Guam, and submitted the plan in response to the requirements of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act of 2014.
The Combined State Plan includes workforce development efforts shared by the Guam Department of Labor’s American Job Center (AJC), the Guam Division of Vocational Rehabilitation under the Department of Integrated Services for Individuals with Disabilities and the Guam Community College.  The partnership between these three agencies are outlined in the plan, which includes the work-in-progress to strengthen and improve how the people of Guam find employment placement, access to education and/or training.
In particular, the Plan aims to better serve those who face the biggest barriers to employment and education/training opportunities.  This includes Youth, Adults, Individuals with Disabilities and Veterans.  The Plan allows the agencies to continue receiving federal funding to support the plan initiatives.
Other agencies also benefit from the plan, as opportunities to partner help improve how individuals can find employment, training and education.  These include DPHSS, DOC, GHURA and NGO’s (i.e. ESGR, WestCare Pacific).
Director of GDOL, Maria Connelley, shared that changes have already been occurring in line with the Plan.  “Operational changes at the American Job Center have been ongoing for the last year, in anticipation of the new direction.  For instance, the AJC offers a comprehensive and FREE online system that allows businesses to post their job openings, with open access to all interested job applicants,” shared Deputy Director, Dr. Sam Mabini. The is a free service, and is supported by AJC staff if additional assistance is needed, such as improving resumes or job interviewing techniques.
“We are excited to now offer improved approaches to providing employment support programs.  We already have partner programs available at the AJC that focus on helping special groups, including disabled veterans, senior citizens and dislocated workers,” shared Director Connelley.  She further encourages businesses to utilize AJC to support their employment and training needs.
“With, we highly encourage businesses to work with the AJC and meet with trained staff to improve their job postings on the system to better attract qualified applicants.  Job seekers in turn can also receive personal assistance to find and secure the jobs  available to them on  All this is at no cost to businesses or job seekers,” shared Dr. Mabini.
A copy of the Plan submitted on April 1, 2016 is available to be viewed at
Hard copies are also available at the AJC located at 710 West Marine Corps Drive, Bell Tower Plaza, Suite 301, HagÃ¥tña, Guam and at the GDOL Main Office located at 414 W. Soledad Ave., Suite 400, GCIC Building, HagÃ¥tña, Guam.
For more information, contact the Guam Department of Labor at 475-7073/4.

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