“This event falls in line with the goals of the First Lady’s RigÃ¥lu Foundation to promote athleticism and Imagine Guam where we encourage our youth to be fearless while working toward their goals. We need to create an environment where athletes’ dreams are fostered and their accomplishments are rewarded.”

– Governor Eddie Baza Calvo

Athlete awards ceremony held at Government House

 Governor Eddie Baza Calvo and First Lady Christine Calvo held an awards ceremony at Government House this afternoon recognizing some of Guam’s top athletes. Guam medalists from the 2016 Pacific Games, the Guam Men’s Rugby team, and the Matao all received certificates of recognition from the Governor and the First Lady.

“Guam’s athletes are building a reputation for Guamanians as global competitors,” said Governor Calvo. “These athletes prove that Guam can stand toe-to-toe against athletes of other nations.”

What started out as an event to recognize men and women who represented Guam in recent sporting events, has evolved into a quarterly ceremony. The next event will be held in November.

“As we imagine a Guam where our children dream of athletic success, we should also encourage them to dream big. Today’s athletes continue to pave the way for Guamanian athletes of the future,” the Governor stated.

Guam Athletes

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