Governor Calvo continues to press forward on Medicare and Medicaid rebasing and reimbursement adjustments for the Guam Memorial Hospital Authority.
In a letter to the President, the Governor notes that his administration is doing what it can to help the island’s only public hospital.
“We continue to work on solutions locally, however, our efforts alone will not fully address this issue partly resulting from underfunded federal programs,” the Governor stated.
The Governor has brought together a team to help GMHA find and plug financial leaks, and help the hospital improve it’s overall finances. This is in addition to providing GMHA with more funding.
“In FY2014, my Administration saw a budget deficit because of the extensive financial help provided to the hospital to ensure it could provide health services to 165,000 local residents and thousands of patients from neighboring islands,” the Governor wrote.
The anticipated funding from the rebasing and adjustments will help GMHA with budgetary shortfalls – at least a portion of which is caused by unfunded federal mandates – that is leading our only public hospital into a crisis. More than $3 million is expected once the rebasing for FY2013 is approved. About $4 million more is expected with the recalculation of the FY2014 and FY2015 Medicare Rates. In addition, an affirmative decision from GAO would result in an additional $12.2M to GMHA.
January 23, 2015 Letter to President Obama
June 16, 2015 Letter to President Obama
February 9, 2016 Letter to the Government Accountability Office
March 29, 2016 Letter to President Obama

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