“Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands face similar issues when it comes to our relationships with the federal government, build-up plans, and issues on infrastructure. I am grateful to the administration of the CNMI for hosting this initial summit. While there are so many issues facing the Northern Mariana Islands, there are even more opportunities. The military buildup is important to all of the Marianas, but there’s still so much more to address. If we come together, we can reach our full potential. ”
Governor Eddie Baza Calvo
“We’ve reached a point in the growth of our islands where it is extremely important for us to work together with Guam to strengthen the Marianas as a whole. I am very much pleased to have hosted Governor Calvo and his team for this first summit. While there is still much work ahead of us, I am deeply comforted by the collaborative spirit we’ve established and the strong commitment of our governments to make good things happen for our people and our islands.”
Governor Eloy S. Inos
Governor Calvo Meets with Governor Inos at the Marianas Summit                           
For the first time in recent history, the governors of Guam and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands held a summit to exchange ideas and brainstorm solutions together for issues facing the Marianas.  Governor Calvo met with Governor Inos to outline the challenges Guam and the CNMI encounter regarding the military realignment, economic development, economic exchange, and healthcare. The Mayors of Tinian and Rota, the President of the Senate, and the Speaker of the House also attended the summit.
Discussions of Military Buildup Challenges                                                                    
Governor Calvo and Governor Inos shared their experiences with the military buildup. Guam and the CNMI have been negotiating buildup plans for years, though these negotiations never were coordinated together. The CNMI and Guam face similar challenges with the military buildup. The two governors compared their respective relationship with military buildup officials.
In the CNMI, things are more complicated than it appears. The Navy, Marines, and the Air Force each have ongoing environmental impact studies in and around  the CNMI evaluating potential locations of military testing and training sites, firing ranges, and alternative airfields. This situation can present challenges in communicating and synchronizing solutions that meet the expectations of all parties.
On Guam the buildup effort has evolved to one where the Governor has obtained assurances from the Navy, Joint Guam Program Office and the Commander of Joint Region Marianas to help deliver a promised “One Guam” approach. This ensures news and proposals dealing with the military buildup come from one source.
Governor Inos acknowledged the strategies that have been successful for Guam and DoD and hopes to explore similar solutions for the CNMI.
Federal Mandates Could Bankrupt both Guam and the CNMI                                    
Governor Calvo and Governor Inos both spoke about the federal mandates that neither Guam nor the CNMI can afford to implement on their own. An example is Obamacare, which will bankrupt Guam and the CNMI without adequate funding from the U.S. Department of Health and Social Services–money every state is entitled to, yet the territories are excluded from receiving. This is similar to the application of EITC on Guam.
Discussion of Change in Law to Encourage Inter-Island Industries                             
The Marianas Summit delegation explored the feasibility of importing cattle from the CNMI into Guam. Talks are ongoing between stakeholders of the CNMI and Guam and they were brought up during the summit meeting. CNMI ranchers want to expand business opportunities here on Guam by establishing a cattle industry. The issue, though, stems from a difference in the laws of the CNMI and Guam.
Governor Calvo expressed his desire to see where the changes need to be made, and how we can make this profitable for the peoples of the Marianas.
Other Important Issues Discussed at Summit                                                                    
Discussions on sharing resources of the hospital, residents facing issues with Guam Customs, the feasibility of a ferry service to alleviate costs, and strategies for both territories to expand their tourism markets also took place.
At this initial meeting, Governor Calvo and Governor Inos instructed their respective teams to work to develop policies that will address the issues and concerns that were raised.

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