McCreadie pushes for GPD overtime; effort struck down by Speaker
Sen. Brant McCreadie yesterday tried to get the Legislature to budget the overtime costs owed to Guam Police Officers. His amendment to Bill No. 334 would have appropriated the $600,000 GPD needs to certify payments to its officers for work they did to protect Guamanians.
The overtime officers incurred was in direct response to the crime wave over the last year. GPD dramatically increased patrol and presence in the villages and, through the Criminal Justice Strike Force, found, apprehended, arrested, and jailed criminals within hours and days of their crimes.
The administration has paid GPD and the other safety agencies everything they were due in appropriations and allotments. The additional overtime due to the increase in activity against crime was not budgeted and needs to be paid for. Only the Legislature has the power to authorize that spending. Sen. McCreadie led the charge. Sens. Tony Ada, Yamashita, Duenas, Limtiaco, and Morrison agreed with him. Sen. San Nicolas said he wants to work toward authorizing this money for GPD officers. Unfortunately, Speaker Won Pat refused to allow Sen. McCreadie’s amendment, saying the appropriation amendment was unrelated to the appropriations bill being discussed.
Sen. McCreadie asked his colleagues to overrule Speaker Won Pat’s decision, which required 10 out of 15 votes to overrule. The motion failed.
Sen. McCreadie, ever-committed to the public’s safety and the welfare of our police officers, quickly introduced Bill No. 350. This bill authorizes the Governor to pay the outstanding overtime to GPD. Since it is a new bill, it goes through a lengthy process that, at any time, can be derailed by the senators in charge of the Legislature. We hope senators deal with this issue swiftly.

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