“There’s no doubt the new Rec Center will be a valuable asset to FestPac. But more importantly, Parks and Rec will use this structure for future events. That of course includes the stadium, which is currently undergoing upgrades as well. When the renovations are done, it’ll be something that we can be proud of as people of Guam while we welcome our Pacific neighbors to the island’s largest celebration of Pacific heritage.”

– Governor Eddie Baza Calvo

Paseo Rec Center Ribbon Cutting
Renovated center to serve community for years
This afternoon, Gov. Eddie Baza Calvo – with Department of Parks and Recreation and the FestPac committee – cut the ribbon for the Paseo Recreation Center. During FestPac, the Rec Center primarily will be used to strengthen the festival’s infrastructure, serving as the home to much of the festival’s behind the scenes action.
“This is just one of many ribbon cuttings that will happen on the road to FestPac,” Governor Calvo said. “This is an exciting time for us as we prepare to make Guam shine for what is sure to be the best FestPac in history!”
The Paseo Stadium and Recreation Center were first constructed in 1981 under the leadership of Gov. Paul Calvo. The ballpark served the island as a venue for baseball tournaments while the Recreation Center was home to many of the island’s indoor sporting activities. However, the center was destroyed when Typhoons Chata’an and Pongsona devastated Guam in 2002. Department of Interior funds paid for the renovations.
“The renovations to the Rec Center have been a long time coming,” the Governor stated. “Now greater than its past glory, the center will be able to serve our people in a way it previously wasn’t able to. It is an honor to restore the facility that my father first built under his leadership to serve the people of Guam.”
During the ribbon cutting ceremony, the Governor and Lt. Governor Ray Tenorio signed the proclamation declaring 2016 a year of cultural celebration in honor of the 12th Festival of Pacific Arts, recognizing the festival as Guam’s opportunity to showcase its unique Chamorro culture.
“We are honored to take part in such a historic event,” Governor Calvo said. “This is the longest running and largest cultural celebration in the region, and we’re ready for it.”

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