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“Filipino Guamanians have been instrumental in driving progress on our island. I am proud to celebrate the rich history, spirit, passion, and contributions of the diverse community that has made Guam their home.” — Governor Eddie Baza Calvo
Filipino-Guamanians celebrate 115 years of Philippine Independence                      
Filipinos have called Guam home for 400 years–sharing their culture, their talents and their love for our island home. This year, Filipinos celebrate the 115th year of Philippine Independence–remembering the passion and fighting spirit of a people who sacrificed for their freedom.
This fighting spirit and passion translated into progress and movement within our island. Filipino-Guamanians are actively involved in different facets of our community. They are continually transforming the fields of religion, healthcare, politics, education, business, and non-profit organizations in ways that benefit all Guamanians.
Governor Calvo & Lt. Governor Tenorio Proclaim “Filipino Heritage Month”   
To recognize the important contributions they’ve made to our island, Governor Calvo and Lt. Governor Tenorio proclaimed the month of June as Filipino Heritage Month. In a proclamation signing held at Adelup, the Governor and Lt. Governor were joined by Consul General Bayani V. Mangibin, Senator Dennis Rodriguez Jr., and the Filipino Community of Guam members, including Trustees chairman Emelio Uy and President Roy Adonay.
Consul General Mangibin calls for a New Breed of Heroism                                         
Consul General Mangibin thanked the Governor and Lt. Governor for celebrating the rich heritage of Filipino-Guamanians. “Heroism is not confined within the bounds of the Philippines,” Mangibin said to those at the ceremony, “It can be recalled that in November 1946 the first Filipino workers responded to the challenge of heroism, to help in the reconstruction and rehabilitation of an island paradise that was devastated by war–an island paradise the world has known as Guam.” Consul General Mangibin looks toward the future calling for a new breed of heroism from Filipino Guamanians to cultivate their talents and continue sharing it with the island of Guam. Consul General Mangibin said, “This is the very essence of the Filipino Guamanians–this is the very essence of those who wanted to reciprocate the kindness of an island paradise that has given them a greater opportunity, who have honored them to become a part of this beautiful island paradise.”

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