February 7, 2012
Guam’s roads just became a little safer this morning with additional vehicles in the police department’s fleet.  Department of Public Works Office of Highway Safety presented the Guam Police Department with three new police patrol vehicles this morning at the DPW compound. These vehicles will be used specifically for drunk and drugged driving deterrence and speed enforcement activities.
Governor Eddie Calvo was at the presentation and highlighted the support between the government agencies. “This is the perfect example of how this government is working together, across agencies, to do whatever we can to make do with the resources we have available,” said Governor Calvo.  “It’s this kind of partnership that sets the standard of how we must work together to build this community and make our neighborhoods safer.”
The three vehicles purchased are 2011 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptors. Each vehicle costs $32,849 and were purchased with National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Section 402 funds. The new patrol cars will be maintained by fleet maintenance at the Guam Police Department.
Lieutenant Governor Ray Tenorio applauded both the Guam Police Department and the Department of Public Works Office of Highway Safety for their continued hard work in ensuring the safety of the island and its people given their limited resources. “Our government is doing the best with the resources it has. This partnership between agencies is providing the necessary tools to fight crime in our communities,” said Lt. Governor Tenorio.
For more information, please call Raymond D. Gibson at 475-9380.

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