The Navy has signed the Record of Decision for the Guam Military Relocation. This finalizes a decade-long process that increases military presence on Guam to protect our shores and our nation’s allies in the Asia Pacific region.

The signed Record of Decision begins the process of an $8 billion investment on Guam starting with the infrastructure needed to support this renewed focus on the region.

Representatives of the Join Guam Program Office will provide Governor Eddie Baza Calvo with a briefing on Monday.

“This buildup 2 has given us time to understand better what we need to do to strengthen our economy so we don’t see a huge rise with the buildup, and then plummet once it’s completed,” said Governor Calvo. “Also, the downsize in the buildup numbers and extended time frame of 13 years, as opposed to the 7 years we were looking at before, help to ensure a smoother transition of Marines into our island community.”

The final document stays true to the four pillars that Governor Calvo and then-Under Secretary of the Navy Robert Work agreed to in 2011. The housing area and training range will stay within the military’s existing footprint. The Decision includes:

  • The primary base and cantonment area: Naval Computer and Telecommunications Station Guam in Finegayan.
  • Family housing: Anderson Air Force Base
  • Life-fire training range complex: Northwest Field on Anderson Air Force Base; there also will be a hand grenade range at Anderson South


The Record of Decision will be available at: Copies also will be made available at the Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Library in the University of Guam.


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