A repeat offender who was most recently serving a sentence for robbery was returned to Chuuk.
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Denek Eugichi, who also goes by the names Ervin Otokichi, Denek Eugychy and Ervin Otokichy, entered a guilty plea to robbery in 2013. He was sentenced to 8 years in prison with all but 5 years suspended with credit for time served. In two previous cases, he was charged for assault, aggravated assault and family violence.
Eugichi’s name, aliases, photograph and relevant information have been sent to the relevant local agencies, federal stakeholders, and airlines as a person not allowed to return to Guam. His name has been placed on Guam’s “Do Not Enter“ list, which is posted with Guam Customs and the Guam Airport Police along with photos and stats of others who have been removed.
Governor Calvo continues to call on the federal government to help promote the safety of all Guam residents, and live up to their responsibility of ensuring immigrants comply to the requirements of their stay on Guam, and removing those immigrants who fail to follow the laws of Guam and the United States.
The federal government has not committed to fulfilling that duty. Also, despite repeated requests federal officials haven’t provided information on how many removals they’ve executed, and the criteria for those removals.

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