Governor Calvo is calling on the community to conserve power as much as possible.
“Today, the Guam Power Authority and Consolidated Commission on Utilities reported that there was no load shedding for most of the day because two of four generators were back up and with cooler weather air-conditioning systems weren’t working as hard,” the Governor stated.
“But I would still like to encourage folks to turn off lights when you’re not in the room, if you aren’t home for the day considering turning off your water heater and air conditioner. These are little things but they add up and they can certainly help.”
GPA officials said during the peak hours of the evening and morning there is a greater chance of load shedding. GPA told the Governor today they hope to stabilize the power system in the next couple days.
Homeland Security/Office of Civil Defense continues to coordinate inter-agency efforts to monitor the impact of decreased power generation on our homes, businesses and government. Representatives from the Guam Power Authority, Guam Police Department, Guam Department of Education and Department of Public Works briefed again with Homeland Security today.
Last night, as a precaution, servers for various agencies were shut down to protect from any power spikes. This morning, most of the servers went on without issue. There was a problem with the server for the drivers’ licenses at the Department of Revenue & Taxation’s Division of Motor Vehicles.  The server came up around 10 a.m. The rest of the day went without a hitch and officials anticipate business as usual at 8 a.m.
What to expect:

  • All public schools are open tomorrow.
  • Police officers are monitoring lights and directing traffic at major intersections without power. Officials are looking to Port and Airport police to assist at intersections in their jurisdictions.
  • Also, tonight, GPD will have all available units patrolling villages, with a heavier focus on those neighborhoods without power.
  • DPW also is on alert to reset traffic lights that are on blink mode (these are caused when power goes out and comes back on).

Residents also are asked to drive with caution and patience. We’re expecting more rain tomorrow so we encourage you to get out of the house a little early so you have that extra time to get the kids to school and yourself to work without rushing.
To report a traffic light that is out or blinking, call Homeland Security at 475-9600.
To report an unscheduled power outage, call GPA at 475-1472 /3 /4.

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