“Talk is cheap. When drivers came to me about the condition of Route 1 near Wusstig Road and the stretch of road from Asan to Piti, the only answer I wanted to give them was an actual start to repairs. Today we can give them this answer.”
                                       — Governor Eddie Baza Calvo
Intent to Award road project contract
Gov. Eddie Baza Calvo issued the Notice of Intent to Award for the Route 1 resurfacing (Marine Corps Drive Yigo and Asan/Piti) project to Nippo Corporation. This project is part of Point 6 of the governor’s 10-point plan for 2014.
The project will include the milling of exiting 1” thick asphalt pavement and replace with 1” thick hot mix asphalt (HMA) friction course to match the finish grade. It also includes replacement of markers, markings and other safety appurtenances for a complete and usable facility.
“We are pleased this project is moving ahead quickly as we are aware of the challenges our drivers, especially up north experience on a daily basis. This project is particularly focused on the driving safety of our motorists,” said Department of Public Works Director Carl Dominguez.
Spot repairs to those areas along Route 1, Marine Corps Drive will be prioritized for repair and resurfacing. The job is expected to be completed within six months and will cost $630,825 funded 100 percent by the Federal Highway Administration.
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