“Whether these threats are real or a hoax, we are taking them seriously. Our local and military safety agencies continue to respond to the threats as required. In addition, they are working with our local departments and the private sector to ensure readiness, and with their federal counterparts to investigate the cause of these threats. All these efforts are focused on the safety of our children and our community.”  

– Governor Eddie Baza Calvo

 Local and federal agencies investigating bomb threats
More than 20 bomb threats have been made to Guam’s schools and businesses in the last two weeks.
Governor Eddie Baza Calvo sat down with the island’s safety and other local agencies, FBI, private sector partners including members of the Guam Hotel and Restaurant Association and G4S at a press conference yesterday.
Department of Education Superintendent Jon Fernandez thanked the Governor and first responders for their help in assisting the school system with recent threats. Attorney General Elizabeth Barrett-Anderson and Guam Visitors Bureau General Manager Nate Denight also attended the press conference where members of the media asked questions.
All representatives agreed with the Governor that working together is necessary to meet the recent challenge; and encourage our community to remain vigilant but to stay calm and be confident that leaders are focused on our island’s safety.
The press conference was streamed live on Gov. Eddie Calvo’s Periscope, @GovCalvo. The following questions were asked on Periscope during the live stream:

  • How are the threats being made?

o   Threats are being made via twitter, through voice recordings or “robo-calls” to 911 dispatch and businesses, and through hand-written notes on bathroom stalls. Our local and federal agencies are working closely to determine the sources of the threats. Thus far, the calls and notes haven’t resulted in any findings or any injuries. We strongly encourage the community to remain vigilant and call 911 with any information they have that could lead to putting a stop to the threats.

  • Are the local bomb threats connected to the ones that are being made globally?

o   This is currently under investigation. We are aware that a group of anonymous hackers that call themselves “The Evacuation Squad” are claiming responsibility for many of the bomb threats. Local and federal agencies are working closely to determine the sources of the threats.

  • Have any arrests been made relating to the bomb threats?

o   More than 10 minors have been taken into custody and two adults have been arrested for terrorist misconduct.
The Mariana Regional Fusion Center (MRFC) promotes the Department of Homeland Security “If You See Something, Say Something” national campaign. The campaign raises public awareness of the indicators of terrorism and encourages the reporting of suspicious activity to local law enforcement. The community is asked to report any information on the recent bomb threats that might lead to an arrest. Call police at 911, call or text CrimeStoppers at 477-4357 (HELP), or go online to guam.crimestoppersweb.com. The community can also anonymously report suspicious activity to MRFC at https://mlrin.org.
In addition, anyone with any questions or concerns about efforts can call Jenna Gaminde at 478-0208, or call Amanda Blas at 475-9379.

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