03.13.14 Tax Refund
“There are some senators who want you to believe that they are doing something to pay tax refunds by wasting your money in court.  We can show them how to pay tax refunds without wasting money.  That’s exactly what we’re doing today.  Ray and I made a promise to you when we came into office to pay your refunds.  Three years later, we have silenced the critics and maintained this promise to you.  We have an obligation to serve, and that includes delivering tax refunds as quickly as possible.  This is your money, and it belongs to all the men and women who are work hard to make ends meet for their families.  This administration knows families are struggling. It is also doing what it can to pay tax refunds as timely and efficiently as possible. We remain committed to helping the people of Guam through government services and delivering tax refunds quicker than ever before.” — Governor Eddie Baza Calvo
$14M to be mailed out next Friday                                                                          
Just a couple of weeks after $10 million in tax refunds went out, $14 million more will be mailed out next week.
Next week, about 3,700 taxpayers who filed error-free status A returns up to February 3, 2014 will receive their refunds. This batch will also cover prior-year refunds recently filed, and those who’ve addressed their filing errors with the Department of Revenue and Taxation.
This demonstrates the Department of Revenue and Taxations commitment to improve customer service and increase government revenue. Last month’s release covered 5 days of filing, or about $2M per day.
More and more people are filing their tax returns — quicker than before. This release covers two days of filing a testament to the confidence of our people have in the administrations commitment to pay refunds.

*****End of Release*****

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