Governor Eddie Baza Calvo called for the Guam Police Department to work with other agencies to track down the culprits who stole the wiring at the two sports fields at Tiyan.
“This is a crime against the people of Guam,” Governor Calvo stated. “I want us to go after them, find out where these wires are and hold everyone who is party to this crime accountable.”
The fields were recently refurbished. The attached press release from Guam Department of Parks and Recreation has additional information on the renovation project. A ceremony to celebrate these new spaces that support healthy and active lifestyles, promote athleticism and competition, and encourage residents and visitors to go out and enjoy our wonderful island weather and environment was being planned, though those plans are now on hold as we now have to find a way to repeat our efforts and replace the wires that were stolen, as well as the equipment that was damaged by the culprits.

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