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“The Tiyan route is a major traffic artery for Guam. But, the Tiyan Parkway is more than a traffic route — it’s the next step on the road to increasing the airport’s capacity.  We came close to losing access to this because of decades of inaction and the inability for leadership to find real solutions.  We’re about moving forward.  And that’s the most important thing about this groundbreaking ceremony:  it represents our collective commitment to finding the right way, and moving in the right direction.” —Governor Eddie Baza Calvo
Crisis averted:  Tiyan Parkway saved after 20-year deadlock                             
Construction on the Tiyan Parkway starts today. This follows 20 years of inaction and stalemate on a project that if Governor Calvo didn’t rescue could have resulted in the total closure of Tiyan from use as a main roadway. This is because the airport needs to close the current main road, Central Avenue, in order to expand its runway. Closing Central Avenue without the alternate Tiyan Parkway will devastate island traffic flow.
However, Governor Calvo met with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) officials who then gave local officials ample time to make good on GovGuam’s 20-year-old promise to build the Tiyan Parkway before closing Central Avenue.
Governor Calvo, airport officials, and representatives of the Department of Public Works, kicked off the first phase of the major thoroughfare in central Guam. Construction will start at the mouth of Tiyan across from Cars Plus and will result in a modern roadway connecting Central Guam to Northern Guam along a scenic vista.
Building GIAA capacity                                                                                                          
In addition to improving traffic flow, the new Tiyan Parkway’s location will meet FAA regulations that will allow the Airport to put into operation a new runway capable of serving larger aircraft.
Federal money already was approved for the runway project but, because of the lack of movement, stood to be lost.
Project specifics                                                                                                                      
The new Tiyan Parkway will connect Route 8 to Sunset Boulevard near the former GPD headquarters in Tiyan. The new roadway will replace the existing Central Avenue, which will be closed in 2015 for the new, extended airport runway.
Phase 1 construction includes the addition of 1,940 linear feet of a new five-lane roadway, and another 2,920 linear feet of two-lane roadway. The construction will go from the Route 8, by Cars Plus, intersection and taper to the two-lane connection to the former GPD headquarters.
Completion for the Tiyan Parkway Phase I construction project is scheduled for March, 2015.

End of Release

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