Press Release No. JIC-06
Fact Sheet 3: What Should I Do If My Kids are at School or Daycare? Wednesday, April 10, 2013
For Immediate Release

The Joint Information Center releases Fact Sheet 3: What Should I do if my kids are at school or daycare?
The Joint Information Center has released Fact Sheet 3: What Should I do if my kids are at school or daycare? This information is for parents with children in the public, private, and daycare schools. 
Please find Fact Sheet 3 below and attached for distribution. 
“The main goal is to have every resident of our island prepared and safe during an emergency situation.  Parents can use this Fact Sheet to be prepared, talk to their children and know how school officials will respond,” said Dee Cruz, Acting Public Information Officer, Guam Homeland Security/Office of Civil Defense.  “Our children’s safety is our number priority.  The Department of Education and private schools are working through the Joint Information Center to disseminate this Fact Sheet to schools and parents.”
The Fact Sheet can be found on-line at on facebook and twitter and all media outlets.  For more information please contact the Joint Information Center at 671-475-9600 or
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