Hagåtña, Guam – The Office of the Governor of Guam issues the following statement in response to the Guam Legislature’s failed override of vetoed Bill No. 12-37:

Today, Guam won.

The People of Guam are one step closer to a state-of-the-art medical complex built in partnership with the federal government. 

Today, we thank Vice Speaker Tina Muna Barnes and Senators Will Parkinson, Roy Quinata, Joe S. San Agustin, Dwayne San Nicolas, and Amanda Shelton.

These senators listened to the will of the people, and because of their courage and vision, Guam is getting a new hospital. 

The facts are this lease is a good deal for Guam, we will lease federal property at no cost to island taxpayers, and our federal counterparts have committed to helping us find funding for the construction of the medical complex.

Now that this has been decided, we hope the work of building a new hospital helps us all find common ground.


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