This morning Governor Calvo attended the swearing-in ceremony of the Guam Soil and Water Conservation Board Members. The Board was established to work  with the University of Guam and other GovGuam agencies to promote the conservation, development and the use of soil and water resources of Guam. Their purpose is to help control and prevent soil erosion and flooding, and to improve agriculture water management. Governor Calvo swore in board members for the Northern and Southern Districts.


“It’s so important to respect our land and water resources. Four thousand years ago, our ancestors’ livelihoods depended on the resources from the land and the sea. Things have changed since then, but the importance of our natural resources hasn’t. As we prepare to move our island forward, finding a balance between development and protecting our resources is a challenge. These board members have an important role to fulfill.” —Governor Eddie Baza Calvo
“The trend today is to pay attention to the health of our soil and water. This year our respective boards will look forward to programs that will enhance the health of soil and water resources.” — Former Senator Hope Cristobal
Photos from the event follow.
CLICK HERE to see if you’re in a photo from this event and others. (There are more photos than those attached here.)


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